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No One Knows Where the King is Going!

The premiere of the immersive musical “the Bremen Town Musicians” was held in Expoforum on 2 January. The characters we have loved since childhood – Troubadour, Princess, King, Atamansha and many others – headed out in search of adventure, happiness and love.

These revived characters from the charming children's cartoon once again defeated evil and mediocrity thanks to their talent and faith in miracles. The colorful scenery, magical vocal performances, meticulously recreated costumes and whimsical choreographic discoveries not only brought adults back to their childhood, but also allowed children to dive into a world of music and magic.

The audience anxiously and impatiently watched the dastardly kidnapping and the rescue of Princess, worried about the fate of the adventurous Troubadour and his friends, and laughed at the hilarious King and his escort. The amusing plot kept even the youngest guests entertained, while the mischief, charm and the masterful work of the talented voice actors had the entire hall hooked from the first minutes of the show – they gladly sang along with the actors and applauded loudly.

The immersive format of the show made the characters feel very close – Troubadour repeatedly strolled through the aisle plucking dreamily at his guitar, the beautiful Princess made her escape through the auditorium and Atamansha stomped past the audience with her heavy steps. The grandiose finale of the show left everyone delighted and offered the children a chance to take a photo with their favorite characters.

The musical extravaganza will continue in Expoforum until 7 January. There are two shows every day – at 12 noon and 4 p.m.

Expoforum nominated for the British Exhibition News Awards
Конгрессно-выставочный центр «Экспофорум» в третий раз номинирован на британскую премию Exhibition News Awards в категории Best International Venue (Лучшая международная площадка).
Veterinary Practitioners, Unite!
The Vet.Camp 2020 conference opened on February 18 at Expoforum to include 4 days of intensive training for physicians in all areas of today’s veterinary practice, presenting up-to-date information in a new format.
The best artists have arrived at Expoforum from every corner of Russia
Last Friday, 14 February, the flashy and flamboyant opening ceremony of the ‘Ponaehali!’ international graphic art fair was held at the Expoforum convention and exhibition centre.

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