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Pope Francis Blesses Exhibitions Industry

On February 6, the participants of UFI Global CEO Summit 2020 met with Pope Francis in the Vatican.

Every year, the summit brings together around 100 leaders from more than 30 countries. It has established itself as a key event for top executives in the exhibitions industry. This year, delegates to the summit had a unique opportunity to hear His Holiness personally offer his good wishes at a private audience.

The only attendees representing the exhibitions industry in Russia at the audience were Sergey Voronkov, General Director of ExpoForum-International, Ltd. and President of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF), and Sergey Alexeev, Vice President of ExpoForum-International, Ltd. and the first Vice President of the RUEF.

In his welcoming remarks, the Holy Father talked about the global mission of the exhibition industry, which not only helps to develop the regional economy and labour markets, but also allows more people to study firsthand the rich diversity and beauty of local cultures and ecosystems:

«As a service to the common good, it should promote inclusion, care for our common home, and the integral development of individuals and peoples. Global exhibitions contribute to the growth of a culture of encounter, that strengthens bonds of solidarity and fosters mutual enrichment between the members of our human family. In the preparation and implementation of fairs, all the constitutive elements need to come together in a harmonious way. The greater the cooperation at both local and international levels, the greater their chance of broad success, both economically and humanly speaking. Exhibitions that help the local economy, engage its labour force, give value and prominence to its culture and reverently respect its human and natural ecology will ultimately be more successful and memorable.»

To conclude the audience, Pope Francis thanked the specialists of the exhibitions industry for their efforts, inventiveness and innovations, wished everyone kindness and prosperity and shared a warm handshake with each attendee.

A Music Passage is arranged in Expoforum
The first two sculptures (of classical composers Mozart and Shostakovich) by St. Petersburg sculptor Arutyun Akobyan have already taken their places in the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre. The solemn opening ceremony took place on September 21, 2021. The Music Passage project continues already established cultural traditions of the venue. The heroes have not been chosen by accident.
Расписание движения автобусов на выставки «Нева», «РАДЭЛ»
Расписание движения бесплатных автобусов на Международную выставку и конференцию по гражданскому судостроению, судоходству, деятельности портов, освоению океана и шельфа «НЕВА 2021», «Радиоэлектроника и приборостроение. РАДЭЛ 2021» 16 – 26 сентября 2021
“ExpoForum-International” awarded by “The Industry Meeting Oscar”
On January 28, the winners for EFEA Awards - the international annual independent award amongst the event organizers has been announced. The nomination of “The Organizer of Year for The Russian Federation region” The judges named “Expo Forum-International” and “Roskongress” to be the winner, and have been recognized as The Best “Organization of The Year” nomination.

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