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Parade of Breeds: Hipposphere presents its stars

June 9, the center of attraction is the big arena. Calm and short-tempered, intended for riding, draft and sports, chestnut and black – more than five dozen horses are presented at the first breed ring of the International Equestrian Exhibition Hipposphere.

The storm of spectators’ emotions was caused by the graceful allure of four purebred Andalusian horses – representatives of one of the most calm breeds. These horses are patient with children and have a kind, docile temper.

The pride of Russian horse breeding – Orlov trotters Zastupnitsa, Baikersha and Kumir – conquered the spectators with their agility. The abilities of horses of this breed are tested in races. Kumir, a young trotter born in 2015, raced lightning-fast through the arena, attracting the attention of spectators with his sharp temper and loud roaring. The Orlov trotter is a light-draft breed of a horse with a genetic ability to trot.

Waltz, a stallion of Vyatka breed, came from the Moscow Zoo. Its striking feature is the contrasting coloring – beige torso and black mane. This play of color is especially appreciated in the breed.

Mare Chudesnaya of the Trans-Baikal breed participates in the show for the second year in a row. This breed’s coat becomes frizzy like a sheep’s in the winter and molts in the summer. The horse behaves nicely with children and is easy to train.

A group of Irish draft horses trotted into the arena, including the Internet star – mare Eluna. This breed is distinguished by thick cowboy tassels on the legs, lush mane and unusual bicolor, similar to the coloring of cows.

The horses of the Bogatyr breed – the agile Percheron mare Cassiopeia, the Soviet heavy-draft horse Rubezh, and a young pair of Vladimir breed, stallion Vagant and mare Otvaga, showed outstanding power and size.

The finale of the first breed ring featured Welsh, Shetland and Fell ponies, and the smallest participants of the Show – American miniature horses.

Regarding the latter, viewers noted that despite their size, the mini-ponies feel like powerful members of the horse family, behaving boldly and rebelliously.

Horses were presented by the All-Russian Research Institute of Horse Breeding.

During four days of the exhibition, more than 200 horses of 20 breeds from different regions of Russia will be presented to the guests.

The parade culmination will be choosing the Hipposphere Absolute Champion. The winner will be announced on June 12.

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