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EXPOFORUM Opens Three Industry Exhibitions

On April 26, pavilion H has hosted the opening of 18th International Exhibition “Housing and Utilities in Russia”, 19th St. Petersburg Technology Fair and 29th International exhibition “Energy Industry and Electrical Engineering”. 55 exhibitors participate in the projects.

Words of welcome to the participants and visitors of the projects were spoken by Irina Ivanova, St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly deputy, Chairwoman of the Standing Committee for Industry, Economy and Entrepreneurship, member of the Budget and Finance committee; Vladimir Katenev, President of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Denis Osadchy, Head of Energy Projects Department at Expoforum International; and Dmitry Nikitin, General Director of RESTEC exhibition association.

The host has read out a greeting from Denis Kravchenko, First Vice Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy. “Development of domestic industry is the Committee's top priority ensuring Russia's independence. Industry-specific endeavors that include the entire production chain, from development to finished products, play an important role in achieving this goal. Such projects help demonstrate equipment, spread learnings and ideas. It will surely help representatives of state structures, scientific institutions, heads of industrial enterprises to re-evaluate the state of the market, find new ways of development, establish and strengthen partnerships,” said Denis Kravchenko in his address.

Irina Ivanova expressed her gratitude to organizers of the projects and said that the latter help nurture patriotic feelings in the society.

“I am delighted to see the fire in the eyes of the young here, so many students, so many young specialists enthusiastic about these events. In Russia, and St. Petersburg in particular, there is industry, there are great organizations and people, and this is something that needs to be demonstrated! We have something to be proud of. We will surely find new partners here,” she said.

“I am grateful to all participants, organizers, Expoforum International, and RESTEC exhibition association for these wonderful three days. It is a pleasure that many team members of industrial companies found the energy and time to put their job duties aside and demonstrate the best developments and products at this venue. Hopefully, these days will be fruitful and you will find new partners and customers,” added Vladimir Katenev.

“Owing to the synergy of the four projects, in our joint effort we will ensure rapid development of our industry, expand the chains of cooperation, and thus actually fuel the rise of all economic sectors of our country,” emphasized Denis Osadchy.

“The world is changing dramatically, and we're all reading the news and wondering how to keep running a business. Convention and exhibition industry is a very important channel of communication between you and your clients. Let's use projects to search for the answers and shape the future together!” urged Dmitry Nikitin.

Opening of the exhibitions coincided with the plenary session of the 10th Russian International Energy Forum “Russian Electrical Power Industry: New Technological Challenges and Growth Points”. It was opened by Sergey Dregval, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg. He wished the participants success, breakthrough solutions and new contacts.

In 2022, RIEF assembles representatives of Amur, Yaroslavl, Ulyanovsk, Kaluga, Belgorod, Omsk, Tambov regions, the Republic of Crimea, the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Stavropol region, as well as experts from Poland, China, Germany and the Republic of Belarus. The theme of import substitution is a leitmotif of every event.

All business events at Expoforum are held according to their schedule
The Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre continues its work according to the event schedule. Security measures have been strengthened.
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