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10th Russian International Energy Forum Opens in EXPOFORUM

For over a decade, the forum has been the leading platform for dialogue, launch of innovations and implementation of modern technological solutions for the fuel and energy sector, as well as Russia’s central event dedicated to this topic.

The first day of the Russian International Energy Forum started with a plenary session “Russian Electrical Power Industry: New Technological Challenges and Growth Points”. It was opened by Sergey Dregval, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg. He wished the participants success, breakthrough solutions and new contacts.

“RIEF is an opportunity not only to exchange experience, discuss common problems and develop new solutions, but also to enjoy St. Petersburg in spring. Just recently, City’s Governor Aleksandr Beglov opened the season of fountains. I recommend everyone to take the time and admire the beautiful views of our remarkable city. I thank Sergey Voronkov, General Director of Expoforum International, for the warm welcome and excellent organization of events. I wish everyone to get as many good vibes from the Forum as possible,” he said.

In 2022, RIEF assembles representatives of Amur, Yaroslavl, Ulyanovsk, Kaluga, Belgorod, Omsk, Tambov regions, the Republic of Crimea, the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Stavropol region, as well as experts from Poland, China, Germany and the Republic of Belarus.

In the next three days, participants have the opportunity to visit three industry projects at once – RIEF-2022 takes place at the same venue with the 18th International Exhibition “Housing and Utilities in Russia” and Petersburg Technical Fair (PTF). The theme of import substitution is a leitmotif of every event.


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