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Veterinary Practitioners, Unite!

The Vet.Camp 2020 conference opened on February 18 at Expoforum to include 4 days of intensive training for physicians in all areas of today’s veterinary practice, presenting up-to-date information in a new format.

The event is organized in two streams: masterference and surgery.

In the first stream, the novel format of delivery is key. Masterference is a huge workshop. Each section is devoted to a specific symptom to be analyzed by specialists from every possible angle throughout the working session. The format offers the opportunity to get immersed in the work of a primary-care physician and join the presenters on the journey from symptom to precise diagnosis. Drawing upon real-life case studies, the participants will consider possible options for building effective communication with pet owners.

The second stream, surgery, is a vigorously-advancing field of veterinary medicine. The framework of the surgical congress will encompass sections in all surgery specialties, IT and anesthesiology, the particularities of surgery on exotic animals, interventional radiology and management.

Among the presenters of the conference are renowned specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Mexico, Austria, USA, Italy and Australia.

Exhibitors include BALF, GLOBAL.VET, VET Trading House, OTVET City Veterinary Nephrology Centre and many others.

Purina experts shared a scientific breakthrough that revolutionizes the approach to reducing sensitivity to feline allergens in humans. The approach helps significantly reduce the content of Fel d1 active allergen in animal saliva and fur.

Elanco presented their Onsior pharmaceutical drug. It is intended for pain management and the treatment of inflammation caused by surgical interventions or musculoskeletal disorders.

The Vet.Camp 2020 conference is taking place February 18–21 at Expoforum Convention Centre.

“ExpoForum-International” awarded by “The Industry Meeting Oscar”
On January 28, the winners for EFEA Awards - the international annual independent award amongst the event organizers has been announced. The nomination of “The Organizer of Year for The Russian Federation region” The judges named “Expo Forum-International” and “Roskongress” to be the winner, and have been recognized as The Best “Organization of The Year” nomination.
RIEF 2020 Takes Place in a Hybrid Format
The 8th Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF, Forum) will take place on December 1–3, 2020, in a hybrid format: some events will be held online, and the others – on a venue of the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center.
3,000 Users Joined the Work of the BRICS Forum
On November 5–6, the Second International Municipal BRICS Forum was held in an online format in St. Petersburg under the aegis of Russian Federation's chairmanship. In the framework of the Business Program 20 video conferences took place, including 18 specialized sessions, a plenary session and a ceremony of signing agreements.

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