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Russian companies are really interested in employee safety and environmental protection

On the eve of the CUBE EXPO Exhibition and “The Big City Forum,” Nikolay Krivozertsev, CEO of EcoStandard Group, member of the General Council, the Head of the Expert Center for ESG Transformation of the All-Russian Public Organization “Delovaya Rossiya,” told us how geopolitical and economic shocks had affected labour protection and the environmental program, and highlighted key trends in these industries.

– The economic and political situation could not but affect our market. Over the past year, there has been the outflow of Western companies that were major customers of services in the field of occupational safety and ecology. It was also difficult for the field of modern technologies, including IT companies, employees from some of which left the country. However, in general, the market situation is rather controllable and sustainable. In our industry, there is a slight drop in demand and prices for services, but we still continue developing, and see customers’ interest. Changes in many Russian companies’ attitude is also noticeable: they order labour protection and environmental protection services not for the sake of formal compliance with legislative requirements, but because they are really interested in improving the level of employee safety and environmental protection,” Krivozertsev said in his interview for the press service of the EXPOFORUM International Company.

What are the most pressing problems in the field of labour protection today, which will be discussed at the CUBE EXPO Exhibition?

– Most of the questions from dedicated experts are caused by changes in the legislation. This year we wait for innovations in the rules for issuing PPE, last year the system of occupational safety training changed, and assessment of occupational risks became a mandatory event. Our market transforms, turning into more modern and transparent one, so among key issues of the CUBE EXPO Exhibition are adaptation to these changes, digitalization of processes, introduction of new tools and approaches.

What trends and tendencies do you see in the environmental program?

– In the field of ecology, key issues for discussion in the professional community are changes in the legislation and digitalization. Over the last couple of years, many legal norms have come into force, but in 2023, innovations are also expected. Now one can observe the large-scale work on greening Russian business, including the process at the state level: we can see this by the national project “Ecology,” including the federal project “Closed-Loop Economy.” All these issues need to be discussed and jointly looked for ways of implementing he program on increasing environmental responsibility, for example, at industry exhibitions and forums, such as “Ecology of Big City.”

How relevant are issues of occupational safety and environmental safety in modern Russia?

– It may seem that now is not the best time to discuss environmental issues and problems of occupational safety. In fact, this is not the case. On the contrary, in economically and socially hard periods, issues of labour and environmental protection should come to the fore. They help provide the personnel reserve, competitive working conditions, improve the population’s life quality, increase the amount of resources. In Russia, changes in consciousness have already begun, establishing commitment to more responsible attitude towards people and nature. We can see this both in changes in the legislation and in state support measures.  I am convinced that safe work and caring for the environment are among the most topical issues for Russian business now, and their importance will only grow in future.

The CUBE EXPO Exhibition will be held in the EXPOFORUM on March 16–17, the International Forum “Ecology of Big City” will be held on March 22–24.

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